Introduction Of Limited Replica Omega Speedmaster 311. Watches

Because Speedmaster witnessed all the six moonfall missions of human being, it is the star series of Omega. 2012 was the 40th anniversary of moonfall. Omega pushed out the special watches fake Omega Speedmaster 311. to commemorate APOLLO XVII.

The 42 mm copy watches are made from stainless steel.
Exquisite Copy Omega Speedmaster 311. Watches

Eugene Cernan is the last man on the moon. There are patterns of Apollo, Apollo XVII mission badge, American Flag and the moon on the dark grey dials made from silver.

December 14, 1972 is the date of the moonfall of Apollo XVII. There are characters of “THE LAST MAN ON THE MOON”, “DECEMBER 14, 1972”, “APOLLO XVII” and “40TH ANNIVERSARY” on the backs of the stainless steel copy watches.

The stainless steel fake watches have silver dials.
Silver Dials Fake Omega Speedmaster 311. Watches

There are tachymetre scales on the black ceramic bezels that is the typical element of Speedmaster. Besides, the 42 mm replica Omega watches are equipped with the legendary movement, caliber 1861 that is precise, stable and can supply of 45 hours power reserve.

Two Retro Copy Omega De Ville Watches For Gentlemen

Watches are not only for reading the time, but also as accessories that represent the wearers’ status and taste. Especially for men, they have just little accessories, so high-level watches are of great importance to them. In this post, I’d like to share you two elegant watches fake Omega De Ville.

The 18k gold copy watches have brown leather straps.
Copy Omega De Ville 4612.30.02 Watches With Date Windows
  • 18K Gold Replica Omega De Ville 4612.30.02 Watches

Gold represents power and wealth. Though the watches made from gold are expensive, they are worth for men. Together, the watches are matched with dark brown alligator leather straps and white dials with 18k gold hour marks and hands and date windows.

Simple in designs, but superb in functions, the watches can be paired with any dressing well. However, you need to pay attention to the size – 34.7 mm is not suitable for every man.

The 18k gold fake watches have white dials.
Fake Omega De Ville 424. Watches With Arabic Numerals
  • 18K Rose Gold Fake Omega De Ville 424. Watches

Rose gold is one kind of pink alloy that are attractive and cheaper than gold. This edition is 39.5 mm. The brown alligator leather straps are matched with 18k rose gold. Moreover, there are Arabic numerals on the white dials that can help the men read the time more clearly and easily.