Caliber 1861, Legend Movement Of Famous Copy Omega

The movements are the hearts of the high-level replica watches. Among all the movements of Omega, caliber 1861 is the authentic classic chronograph movement.

Caliber 1861 has 17 jewelries and 45 hours power reserve.
Superb Caliber 1861

The base movement of the 27 mm hand-winding movement, caliber 1861, is Lemania 1873 with 18 jewelries and 45 hours power reserve.

Superb fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is equipped with caliber 1861.
Well-designed Caliber 1861

The original movements of caliber 1861 have been used since 1960s. They are the world-famous movements of the popular fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, which have witnessed all the six moonfall projects.

Most of the limited replica Omega watches are equipped with caliber 1861.
Reliable Caliber 1861

There is no doubt that caliber 1861 is reliable. It is mainly used in retro,  memorable copy watches. Most of the watches are limited, so they are worth for both wearing and collecting.

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